Wounded Heart

Wounded Heart with a Scar

Hearts are we.



with memories

some people carry to the grave.

Healing Heart


Healing we need.

Mercy from a heavenly Father

heals our hearts,

if we ask,

if we forgive,

if we choose to love those who hurt us,

if we chose to love ourselves.

A Rose can bloom.

Our hearts can heal.

Wounded Heart Club


Wounded we are.

Some choose to forgive and heal.

Some focus on the pain and scar.

Our heavenly Father understands. that often the people closest to us hurt and disappoint us the most.

And no one will ever truly understand the joy and the pain we each experience in our lives.

Except our Father who created us, because he wanted us to share our hearts with him.

May you be encouraged.

May your heart be healed.

May healing hope welcome you to the Wounded Heart Club.